Lauren Jin is a Chinese-American Art Director based in Chicago.

Art Direction: Me 
Design: Me
Photography: Me, Sophia Goldman 
Book binding: Me
Paper Mohawk Via Vellum Warm White 80C
Size 5x5in
Typeface Felix Titling, Centaur
Method Drumleaf Bind

The Porn Identity 

A Visual Journey into 'Storytellers Grapple With The Porn Identity.' Dive into the pages of this captivating book, where the words of Sophie Gilbert intertwine with striking photography to explore the profound impact of pornography on individual identities. From the thought-provoking realms of 'Mrs. Fletcher' to the transformative ripples of 'The Butterfly Effect,' this visual exploration delves into the complexities of femininity and hypermasculinity. Join me as we navigate the intricate landscapes of the human experience, exposing the raw truths and evoking a deeper understanding of the interplay between storytelling and the porn identity.