Lauren Jin is a Chinese-American Art Director based in Chicago.


Paper Mohawk Via Vellum Bright White 100C
Size 4x6in
Typeface Akkurat Pro, Forma DJR Display
Skate Louis 

St. Louis has an undoubtedly vibrant skate culture. The independent, no rules, free thinking mentality of skateboarding has attracted many St. Louis natives over the years. Photographer skaters Matt Pfaff and Andy Wissman have devoted their lives to documenting the sport. This collection examines the stories, experiences, and challenges of what it means to be a skater in St. Louis.

Skate Louis
“Skate Louis” is a set of 12 postcards that aims to explore the vibrant skate culture of St. Louis

The set of 12 postcards includes a combination of locations, portraits, and action shots all specific to the St. Louis skate culture.