Lauren Jin is a Chinese-American Art Director based in Chicago.

AD: Me 
CW: Matt Miller, Nina Mcdermott 
Client: Ghirardelli 
Pick and Mix

Revamping the iconic Ghirardelli square store in San Francisco was no easy feat, but we were up for the challenge. Our goal was to create an interactive in-store experience that would entice tourists and shoppers even more than before. We settled on the "Pick & Mix" station, which is now the largest of its kind offered by Ghirardelli anywhere in the world. At the station, customers can create their own bag or tin full of a custom mix of Ghirardelli chocolate square flavors and customize the mix label.

To aid with the customization process, we worked with 3D motion studios to create beautiful, mouth-watering animations for the video played on a giant pillar in the center of the pick and mix area, which featured screens on all sides. The result was a highly successful experience that brought a new level of interactivity to the Ghirardelli square store and delighted customers from all over the world.

Caramel filling animations:

Easter Bunny 

Milk Chocolate 

Love Heart 

Caramel, Dark chocolate, Classics, and S’mores mix animations:

*Video was displayed across three screens wrapped around a pillar. 


Caramel mix 

Classics mix

Intense Dark mix

Valentines mix

Holiday mix

Easter mix