Lauren Jin is a Chinese-American Art Director based in Chicago.

CD: Justin Enderstein, Tommy LeRoux 
ACD: Freddy Agonstini 
CW: Matt Miller, Francisco Aguera, Daniel Osorio 
AD: Me
Client: Clorox 

Start Clean 

Clorox has built its reputation as the preferred cleaning brand for decades, a distinction that increased during the pandemic. However, as we saw consumers' concern around germs declining, we needed to find a way to remind them that Clorox is more than a disinfectant to regain brand preference and purchase intent.

After the pandemic, Clorox also wanted a fresh start, so we launched the Start clean platform through multiple out-of-home formats to showcase Clorox's belief that cleaning helps create physical and mental fresh starts. We strategically juxtaposed the minimalist aesthetic of Start clean in notoriously cluttered environments and high-traffic areas within our key markets, like Chicago and Philadelphia, the iconic Times Square in New York, and Downtown Los Angeles.