Lauren Jin is a Chinese-American Art Director based in Chicago.

CD: Tommy LeRoux 
Senior AD: Natasha Ygsi 
AD: Me
Client: Clorox 
Influencer Canisters 

When Clorox launched their "Start Clean" brand platform, we faced the challenge of generating awareness without a budget for paid partnerships. Our solution? Design over 50 personalized canisters and send them to different influencers, in hopes that they would post about them.

Each canister was thoughtfully designed to align with the influencer's personal brand, and to our delight, the influencers responded with enthusiasm, posting about the canisters and generating buzz around the "Start Clean" launch.

Over 20 influencers posted viral videos showcasing the canisters and their contents, generating millions of views and creating a groundswell of interest around the "Start Clean" launch.